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Darina in our latest gear

Darina played a crucial role in Saboteur Clothing's recent photoshoot featuring the Death Wait's T-shirt and The Opium Dens. Her expertise helped ensure that the shirt was a hit, and her assistance was invaluable in bringing it to market.

At Saboteur Clothing, we worked closely with Darina to achieve the perfect look for the shirt. We were determined to create something that was visually striking and fun while also maintaining the core values and style of the Saboteur Clothing brand.

Be sure to check out Darina's Instagram for more incredible photos!


Darina in Saboteur Clothing

Darina model from the Ukraine in the Saboteur Death Waits

Darina in the Opium Dens T-shirt

Saboteur Clothing Shoplifting Syndicate

Saboteur Clothing Golden T-shirt not for sale


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