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Winter with Rachel

We all hate the cold, and what better way to hate the winter than to lounge around talking about massage parlors and the rush of the winter season? Rachel lounged back with her kitten attacking her while dressed in undies and the ®SABOTEUR Secret Squirrel t-shirt. She was sipping on a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, grateful for living in such a wonderful city. There were many great places to go for a good massage when you’re freezing your butt off outside.

Rachel had just finished reading an article about how one of New York City’s most popular massage parlors was getting ready for its busiest season. Apparently, they were hiring new masseuses because there was such high demand this time of year! It sounded like it would be amusing to work there — but then again, Rachel thought as she watched her kitten batting at a piece of string, anything would be more fun than being cold all winter long!

og saboteur hat
saboteur back label
secret society
cat attack
lounging cat


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