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The ®Saboteur thin letter asset pack

Elevate Your Designs with ®Saboteur’s Thin Hand-Painted Letters and Numbers Asset Pack!

Hey design enthusiasts! We’re back with another treat from ®Saboteur that’s sure to fire up your creativity.

Crafted to Perfection

Our newest asset pack is a treasure trove of hand-painted goodness. We’ve meticulously designed each letter from ‘a’ to ‘z’ and numbers from 1 to 0. What sets these apart? The unmistakable charm and authenticity that can only come from the human touch. Say goodbye to ordinary fonts; our letters and numbers boast strokes that breathe life into your designs. These are great for designers and illustrators who love to add stamps or background flairs.

Great for procreating, photoshop, aftereffects etc. Each letter is an individual JPG file, so you can craft your own words or headlines using these handpainted letters. Download them here.

Here are some examples of the thin letter forms. Remember they are FREE!

Saboteur Thin letter forms

saboteur thin letter forms free set

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