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The Saboteur Story

Oksana wearing saboteur brand awareness and holding a cum slut hoodie

®SABOTEUR was born from the hatred of modern brands.

Who runs ®SABOTEUR?

One guy. And damn, it's hard work.

What began as an art project evolved into a mini clothing company. Coming from a design and illustration background, the evolution of Saboteur has changed. 

The original concept for Saboteur was to create books. Art books, photography, and even comic books! As my career and taste changed over the years, I was not as interested in some of the other creative outlets and wanted to try something new. 

I had sat on the Saboteur name for a while. Thinking maybe go and start a book company? The books began as a photography series - hoping to get several photographers together to contribute - but that ended up only being two of us. 

Long story short. That didn't work. So I looked back at the name and thought of more things I wanted to do. Late 2020-winter, I was shopping for clothes and hated everything out there, So I decided why not clothing? Saboteur was born as a way to create something that I would personally wear.

While it's hard work, I have found nothing more challenging and fun than trying to maintain and grow this shit-bag company. Along the way, I met some dope-ass people who have helped me create something different outside my regular day job. (Too damn many of you to name!)

In the end.

As ®Saboteur grows (hopes and dreams pls, don't crush them), it's always amazing to hear from people and what they think of this brand. Some may hate it; some like it whatever. It's here for fun and the shit-talking. I appreciate your support. Enjoy.

K Bye.

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