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Sloppy Slap Packie

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Get your teeth wet with Saboteur. The Sloppy Slap packie is filled with the latest slop from the syndicate. Great for the Saboteur beginner and collectors. Slap items on a drunk friend's ass or your cousin's Moms toilet. Find a common stall to pound these fuckers on. Don't forget to send us photos of your delinquent activities. 

Included in the Saboteur Sloppy Slap Packie

MACV-Peralta Hunting Club  Size 3.7"w x 5"h
Saboteur Seal (Clear White Label) Size 2"w x 2"h
Casual Violence Slap
Size 3"w x 3"h
US Lick Stick Size 2"w x 2"h
Saboteur Brand Window Cling
Size 4"w x 2"h 
Small Scoop Silicon Patch (No Velcro) Size 2.75"h x 1.75w

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