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How Our Crew Dresses For Winter

Saboteur took some time to show you all the elements of our winter style. This year it's tough to know exactly what brands suck or whose pieces will go out of style. (Ours won't) It doesn't matter because we're happy just mixing and matching pieces from our own wardrobes. Check out some critical components for this season in these photographs below!

If you have a great winter look with Saboteur clothing, be sure to share your tips with us. 

The Tiger Stripe Style

what to wear in the winter

 Saboteur The Opium Dens Hat Sold Out
Tiger Stripe Camouflage BDU Jacket Home Waxed 
Saboteur The Secret Society T-shirt

Bell & Ross BR S Black Matte

Saboteur Tiger Stripe Camouflage Neck Gaiter

iPhone 13 Pro 

Klick Belts 

1.5" Matte black 1-Ply

Levi's 511

Slim Jeans

Silver Business Card Holder

5th SFG Vietnam Era Repo Zippo

Acquired in Ho Chi Minh City

Ridge Wallet

SOG Snarl

FieldNotes Notebook

Olympus Pen S Acquired in Oakland, California
Viktos Core 2 Tiger Stripe Shoe

The Casual Trucker Style

 Saboteur Brand Hat Sold Out / Restocking Soon
Huckberry Flannel-lined Waced Trucker Jacket
Seiko 5
iPhone 13 Pro
Silver Business Card Holder
Levi's 511
People to Kill Journal
Bic Lighter
Camel Snus
Saboteur Dosed Bunny Slaps Coming Soon
SOG Snarl
Ridge Wallet  OD Green
Optima III S  Ebay 
MACV-1 Boots


The Daily Reader Style

what to wear in the winter

Saboteur Packable Jacket
Out of Stock
Saboteur OG Brand Shirt Sold Out 2020
WRMFZY Tigerstripe 5-panel Cap Sold Out
iPhone 13 Pro
Silver Business Card Holder
Klick Belts 
1.5" Matte black 1-Ply
Camel Snus  Winter Green
Levi's 511
Penthouse Magazine Oct. 1976
SOG Snarl
Saboteur Cola By The Gram Family Pack
Holga Film Camera
Woobies Classic's

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