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Who is behind ®Saboteur?

One person, all smiles, with Care Bear hugs, takes on the design, production, photography, printing, and shipping of everything that comes out of ®Saboteur. 

What drove the establishment of ®Saboteur?

The objective is to produce tangible goods. While I spend my days working digitally, the longing to craft and physically hold the objects I create remains. Saboteur serves as a creative outlet for me, and I aspire to transcend the conventions of traditional clothing brands or product companies. Moreover, ®Saboteur seeks to delve into diverse art projects, spanning from film and photography to other mediums.

Partnerships or Collaborations with ®Saboteur?

At the moment, I am not considering any partnerships or collabs. My primary focus is to grow ®Saboteur as a brand.

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