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Oksana's Adventurous Side

Oksana’s photos have made us wonder, where does she get those gorgeous eyes and what kind of life does she lead? We know her Instagram feed will have you dreaming of travel and exploring the world. Oksana helping Saboteur kick-off 2022 globally and she inspires us to visit more of these exotic locations. 

Oksana modeling for Saboteur Nippywear.
CS crop hoodie
Saboteur Brand Awareness hoodie (Sold out)
Saboteur Golden embroidered Unisex hoodie
Opium Dens Camouflage Hat (Sold out)


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saboteur brand clothing

Oksana Saboteur clothing


saboteur clothing

my favorite color is gold

golden saboteur

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oksana saboteur model



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